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How do I create AR effects?
You can choose from many templates and customize them to your taste. If you're looking for a completely unique creation, we also offer Custom AR, where one of our creators will build your AR effect from scratch. Once your effect is ready, you can publish them to your Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook profiles.
What can I customize in the templates?
You can add your own image, text, and even music to the templates. The templates have a varying number of customizable elements, so, look out for how you can modify them to truly reflect you. Brands can include their logos to mark their AR experiences.
How long will it take to create my AR effect?
  • If you choose to customize templates, your AR effect will be ready in almost no time. You can take your time to customize a template. When you submit it, we will send your files via email in a matter of minutes, at most. Then, it's just a matter of following some steps to publish your effect.
  • In the case of custom AR, we will deliver your effect in under 2 days, but it may take longer if any complex elements are involved.
How will I receive my AR effect?
We will send the complete AR project files to your email. This will contain different folders for each of the platforms. They are ready to be published on your profiles.
How do I publish my AR effects?
You will find the folders for the selected platforms in the project files we send to your email. You need to use Spark AR Hub to publish your work on Facebook or Instagram, and Lens Studio to publish your work on Snapchat. You will also find the links to the official guides on how to publish your effect on each of these platforms when we send your project files.
Will I own the AR effects?
Yes, the AR effects you create are yours to use and share from your profile. You are the creator! We don't put any watermark or branding on any of your work.
What is an export?
The final project file that we send to your email is called an export. It is created when you click on the 'Download Filter' button.
How do subscriptions work?
When you subscribe to one of our plans, you get a certain number of credits to use. These credits are used to create AR effects. They apply only to templates, and they expire at the end of your subscription period.
What is Custom AR?
If you don't want to create using templates, you have the option of building through 'Custom AR'. Here, you will be matched with one of our AR creators who will be in constant touch with you. You can let them know all the features and specifications you need, and they will get back to you about how it can be executed. Once a plan is in place, they will begin to build your unique AR experience from scratch, which may take a few days to deliver.
How to use credits?
Each credit corresponds to one AR export. One credit gets used when you create an AR effect on either one of Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. If you choose to create on more than one platform, you will use one credit for each platform. A credit gets used only when you generate an export by clicking the 'Download Filter' button.
When does a credit get used?
A credit gets used only when you generate an export by clicking the 'Download Filter' button, so, you are free to experiment with templates without worrying about credits.
Are there any limits to credit usage?
There are no limits on credit usage, as long as you don't exhaust your total subscription plan limit. You can use all your credits in one day, or spread them over the length of your subscription plan.
What are the different subscription plans?
You can find all our different subscription plans here.
What happens if I exhaust my credits?
You can upgrade your plan to get more credits.
Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?
  • Once you purchase, no refund will be provided.
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