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Whether you are a startup, incubator, or coworking space, we welcome all businesses as partners. Join our unique community to drive awareness, boost engagement, and grow your network. Harness the power of AR together and see the difference in reality.

Why AR

Interacting with AR creates a shared experience between users and you, which imprints on their minds.
AR is simply more engaging and captivating. Stand out from the traditional marketing techniques.
The B2B power tool
AR is not just entertaining, it is also a tool for communicating with, and educating customers about a product.
With people keener on experiencing and sharing AR, you will reach a considerably wider audience.
Our goal is to make AR accessible to everyone. Augmented reality is a concept that appeals to everyone and generates a lot of interest, but the process of creating it has been largely exclusive. It is often viewed as a highly technical venture that will cost a pretty penny to employ someone who can execute it. Well, not anymore.
SuperFan Studio

Prosper with a partnership

1-1 onboarding
We'll personally help you get started with Superfan Studio. We'll assist you right from setting up your account to creating your own AR experiences.
Dedicated workshops
We hold workshops every month to help our partners make the most of AR. Learn what's new in AR and how to implement AR in marketing to grow exponentially.
Partner prices
Our partners get an added bonus when creating AR effects on Superfan Studio. Receive a 15-25% discount on our subscription plans and on custom AR.

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