Superfan Studio is pleased to announce our partnership with Mr. Janak Bhanushali, CEO at HIFI Digital Advertising. He is an industry leader and marketing visionary for the entertainment industry. He is responsible for over 900  marketing creatives for promotion of several blockbuster movies and song launches. Some of his work is still echoing in the India and around the globe in the entertainment industry. With great honor, we welcome Janak Bhanushali as the Director-Global Media and Entertainment Partnerships for SuperFan Studio. He will be guiding the way forward in building and scaling partnerships in the industry.

Mr. Bhanushali is a young,dynamic entrepreneur and visionary in data driven content marketing leveraging micro and macro influencers. He has great grasp over various campaign techniques that generate billions of views. His ideas and strategies have helped marketing Hollywood movies along with Bollywood movies and Talk Shows like Bhajji Blast and Pinch by Arbaaz Khan. With the latest programmatic media buying and exposure to industry first campaigns with various portals, he has made a first-mover advantage for innovations in digital buying and cost-effective sustained campaigns.

We are delighted to have Mr. Bhanushali as part of SuperFan Family. We are looking forward to learning from Mr Bhanushali and bringing innovation to the industry.

About Superfan Studio:

SuperFan Studio is a global leader and pioneer in customization and innovative immersive technology. We have our headquarters in USA, with offices in US & India. We offer solutions across the following verticals- Augmented Reality & Camera Solutions, Branded Gaming Solutions, Other Creative Tech Solutions, 3D- 360 Degree Virtual Store, Twitter Marketing Automation, 3D Modelling & Animation, Interactive Videos, Whatsapp Sticker Packs, Twitter Bot, and Messenger Bot.

SuperFan Studio works with innovative strategies & solutions for mixed reality marketing by helping brands and creatives promote their products using augmented reality and virtual reality.

SuperFan  Studio is one of the few official partner with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Spark AR, and Twitter, enabling early access to beta features & beta tools across platforms.

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